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Spotlight on 7K

Video Vault

A collection of short videos about 7K Ranch that help tell our story and the purpose of our mission – to connect to the land. Enjoy!

Cooking with 7K

Having allies like Chef Matthew Batey in support of our mission makes everything worthwhile.

Eat Local

A mini documentary about cooking grass-fed steaks at 7K by the Couch Cook.

The Alex CFC

7K Ranch – a partner and supporter of the The Alex Community Food Centre since 2014.

ATB Amplify

Beni Johnson takes a look at how 7K is reinventing the ranch on behalf of ATB’s Amplify campaign.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is 7K’s flagship fundraiser in support of The Alex Community Food Centre.

A Seat at Our Table

Filmed in 2015 by ATB Productions and featuring Chef Jessica Pelland from Calgary’s Charbar.

Amplify: 7K Ranch

“It‘s not just about where your food comes from, it’s about your connection to the land, your connection to each other and the community.”

Press Clippings

Every now and then we pop up in the press. Please check out some of the articles featuring 7K Ranch.

Media Inquires

Favourite Room:
an Alberta calving barn gets a chic makeover

The Globe and Mail, November 14, 2019
Article: Gayle MacDonald
Photo: Todd Korol

From the outside, it looks like any old calving barn: a bit beat up, its siding turned grey from being at the mercy of the elements in Alberta’s Rocky Mountain foothills…

Second generation rancher puts a longhorn spin on raising

Calgary Herald, October 2, 2015
Article: Shelley Boettcher
Photo: Leah Hennel

A weathered barn. A ranch house. Some cattle, land and history. The picturesque scene makes it seem as if Michael Kaumeyer was born to bring good food to Calgarians…

7K Panorama Ranch allows guests to eat, drink and be merry

CBC News, June 12, 2015
Article: Julie Van Rosendaal
Photo: Julie Van Rosendaal

The tagline for the 7K Panorama Ranch, located about 40 minutes outside of Calgary toward Millarville, is “for the joy of gathering.”