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Experience 7K - Come Join Us for Ranch Classes


Sharing Our Tradecraft

There’s no better place to learn the art and craft of ranching.

We are currently unable to host in-person learning experiences due to COVID19. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

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7K Ranch provides a natural learning environment for anyone interested in small-scale farming. From animal care and gardening to food processing and product marketing there’s a lot more to modern ranching than meets the eye.

The barn at 7K facilitates indoor learning and is perfect for workshop or presentation-style configurations. With WIFI, audio-visual capabilities and a commercial grade kitchen there are lots of possibilities. Under nature’s umbrella, we have a number of open and interesting spots that are perfect for outdoor gathering or demonstrations.

If you are interested in hosting agricultural, country lifestyle or food related classes with an educational focus at 7K Ranch please get in touch.

Not every learning experience at 7K Ranch is in-person. With today’s tech we can literally bring the ranch to you.