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Our annual CSA package will be ready for pick-up early December, just in time for gift giving – but in very limited numbers. We’re packing an attractive insulated tote with our butcher-wrapped longhorn beef in a variety of cuts, including premium steaks, a roast, braising cuts, hamburger patties, all-beef wieners, summer sausage and jerky. It’s 100% super premium beef for only $250.

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What's The Beef

The 7K CSA Story

We are delighted to be offering our 2nd CSA delivery of longhorn beef this December. Thank you to those who supported us last year. We have enjoyed developing our 7K Beef program this past year with the introduction to several Calgary restaurants who have it on their menus. Texas Longhorn cattle were introduced to southern Alberta in 1876 and have flourished in the prime ranching environment we have here. In addition to their ability to thrive on grass alone, they taste amazing. The meat is extremely lean, high in Omega-3s and has a rich natural flavour.

The 7K Beef program has been a vision and passion of ours for years. It is a continuation of a family tradition started by Mike's father in the 1960s. It aligns with our views that good food can be local and should be shared within our community and at our tables. But the vision is not just about our family, but rather an ability to connect with a series of families who believe passionately in rural life and share the respect for their land, and what grows from it.

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