Our Story

History in the Making

In 1963, my father, Gerry Kaumeyer, first registered the 7K brand. It was meant to represent us Kaumeyers – our parents and five kids – The 7 K’s! The barn was there long before we were. Our family moved onto the ranch in 1975 as a place to raise cattle and all of us kids. We called it the calving barn. Back then, this barn gave shelter from the winter wind and snow to cows birthing their calves, Over the years we had cattle of many breeds there to rest, warm and give birth: Hereford, Red and Black Angus, and the more exotic Simmental, the breeds that are the foundation of Alberta’s ranching industry. Eventually our family and this barn became linked to one of Alberta’s ranching dynasties with land stretching across the province and producing beef that was shipped around the world.

As years went by the ranch became a gathering place for our family dinners. Sunday nights would find several generations of family and friends gathered to eat, laugh and tell stories together. The typical fare of Alberta beef expanded to include vegetables and herbs from the nearby garden and greenhouse. The barn was still doing its job, providing shelter, warmth and a place to share.